RESULTS:  THE CITY COUNCIL VOTED 7-2 to pursue a Specific Plan for the Hillcrest Gateway District!


Please take a look at the motions passed:

Motion 1 (5-0):

 a. Include Commissioner Hofman's two mobility policies (bike related);

 b. Keep the adopted community plan land use map without the Interim Height    Ordnance (IHO);

 c. Include the community plan update policies;

 d. Eliminating the Planned District Ordinances (PDOs) and going to Citywide zoning;

 e. Climate Action Plan recommendation; 

 f.  Initiate a Specific Plan for the Gateway Proposal; and

 g. Plan changes in the errata of the Staff Report.

Motion 2 (5-0):

Implement CPIOZ not to limit height, but rather as a threshold for discretionary review.

These recommendations will be taken under advisement by the City Council when they vote on the Uptown Community Plan Update on November 14th. In order to maintain our momentum and succeed in keeping the proposed downzoning out of the Uptown Community Plan Update, we respectfully request your continued participation at the upcoming City Council meeting.


below you will find the important information necessary to become a member of The Hillcrest Gateway Council.  Please review the following:

1.  The Guiding Principals of the Gateway Council

2.  MAP of the desired location of the Gateway District

3. Original Letter dated 12/1/15 sent to the City of San Diego Planning Department


The hillcrest Gateway Council GUIDING PRINCIPLES

In order to achieve the goals of the Hillcrest Gateway Council, we need flexibility on:

  • Height to achieve the appropriate public realm
  • Density
  • Flexibility on parking standards to reduce dependency on the automobile
  • Unified planning standards